Veggie Feast Pan Pizza Pizza Hut?

Veggie Feast Pan Pizza Pizza Hut

What are Pizza Hut’s Beyond Pan pizzas?

What are Pizza Hut ‘s Beyond Pan Pizzas? Our Beyond Pan Pizzas feature a new plant-based Italian Sausage topping that was developed exclusively for Pizza Hut, in partnership with Beyond Meat. It is seasoned with Italian herbs and spices so that you can still experience the delicious Italian Sausage taste you know and love, no sacrifice required.
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How many calories are in a Pizza Hut Pizza?

Sodium : – Regarding sodium content, Pizza Hut personal pan pizzas contain plenty of sodium. Again, on the low side, the Veggie Lover’s and the Ham and Pineapple pizzas come in with 1,190 mg or 1,260 milligrams of sodium, respectively. The FDA recommends that you consume less than 2,400 mg sodium per day, and this means that these two options are roughly 50% of your daily allowance.
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Did You Know you can order an original pan® pizza with hut rewards?

Order an Original Pan® Pizza today! Did you know that Hut Rewards members have early access to some of our great products? Get ahead of the game by signing up for Hut Rewards and gain early access to one of our great products next time!
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What is beyond Italian sausage at Pizza Hut?

Funtastic 4 Veg PizzaHut | Spiced Paneer, Veggie Feast, Margherita & Classic Corn | Mukbang ASMR

The Beyond Italian Sausage topping is available on the Beyond Italian Sausage pizza and The Great Beyond pizza. Both options are available on Original Pan®, Original Stuffed Crust® (includes upcharge), Hand-Tossed and Thin ‘N Crispy® crusts. Additional toppings can be added to each pizza for an upcharge. What is beyond meat®?
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