Openssl/Bio.H: No Such File Or Directory?

Openssl/Bio.H: No Such File Or Directory
How To Install OpenSSL Libraries On Ubuntu, Debian, Mint? OpenSSL libraries are required to build OpenSSL-based applications. While trying to build by using gcc with openssl library and function the -lssl option is used. But you may get an error like ” foo.cpp:21:25: error: openssl/bio.h: No such file or directory ” which means the openssl library can not be found or not installed.
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Why do I get an error when installing OpenSSL?

The error is because you don’t have the openssl headers installed. I’d be very surprised if you don’t have openssl installed period, but many Linux distros split the runtime components and the developer components into separate packages. You’ll need to check your distributions documentation for installation instructions.
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How to install OpenSSL on CentOS?

For RHEL and RHEL-derivatives like CentOS systems, installing will solve this problem. After checking configure file code, I found it is searching for include/ openssl /ssl. h in predefined paths You can find it on your system and can run configure with -with- openssl E.g. if you found ssl. h in /usr/include/ openssl /ssl. h then you can run below command
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How to install OpenSSL development package on Debian?

To install OpenSSL development package on Debian, Ubuntu or their derivatives: To install OpenSSL development package on Fedora, CentOS or RHEL: Edit : As @isapir has pointed out, for Fedora version>=22 use the DNF package manager : On CYGwin, you can install this as a typical package in the first screen. Look for
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Is OpenSSL used in kernel modules?

OpenSSL is not used in kernel modules that I am aware. The kernel provides its own crypto, and some of the OpenSSL team contributes to it like Andy Polyakov. Its odd to see OpenSSL in the message above. I guess its some helper program or something to bootstrap things. Its definitely not the kernel proper.
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