Is Ramen Guy Actually Strong?

Is Ramen Guy Actually Strong
The True Power of Ramen Guy (Part 1 of 3) A lot of people are obsessed with the legendary shinobi supplier named Ramen Guy, but nobody knows his true strength. What is is full power, and how can we give evidence of this? The first clue to his full power is his seemingly powerful trance to have anyone eat his ramen.

For instance, with his theorized reality manipulation, Ramen Guy was able to have Naruto and Iruka eat his ramen, HIS ramen. Fate could have decided that Naruto and Iruka went to eat somewhere else, but went here, and by this, Ramen Guy used his reality manipulation to overwrite Naruto’s past of going any other ramen shop to start going to his, and it is very clear.

Also, by his reality manipulation, he was able to send Naruto and the gang to find his daughter, and that led to the creation of diet ramen. By this, all girls was sent to the place, with that meaning Ramen Guy lured in a large portion of people using reality manipulation.

The second clue to his full power is his delicious food. How can he make it? The answer is obvious, he uses his form, the Sage of Six Bowls. It is so good, everyone will eat it. He also replaced the bowls with his own ramen with his form, in the eating competition in Boruto. This made everyone eat more than they could, which is interesting to note.

Also, it seems he can generate seemingly infinite ramen, and if anyone kept eating ramen, Ramen Guy can seemingly create one more with a partial state with his form. Now that we have gone over the first two clues, the next will prioritize on the final clue, and calculating Ramen Guy’s TRUE power.
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What is the true power of the ramen guy?

Powers and Stats –

  • Tier: 10-B | At least 6-C | At least Memetic, likely far higher
  • Name: Teuchi Otsutsuki, Ramen Guy
  • Origin: Naruto
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 40s
  • Classification: Chef | Shinobi | The Sage of Six Bowls
  • Powers and Abilities: Skilled Chef and Ramen Manipulation | Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Chakra Manipulation, Energy Projection, Stealth Mastery, Explosion Manipulation with explosive tags, Weapon Mastery (Versed in the use of kunai and shuriken), Acrobatics, Statistics Amplification (Can enhance his physical capabilities with chakra), Longevity (His broth is taken from the fountain of youth), Shapeshifting (Can transform into living beings and inanimate objects, and can use this in battle to confuse his opponents and catch them off-guard in a variety of ways), Duplication (Can create solid “shadow clones” that are identical to him and can use his abilities as well as relay any information they gained back to the original upon being dispersed), Summoning, Surface Scaling, Water Walking, Can replace himself with inanimate objects in the vicinity to avoid damage, and likely Paralysis Inducement (via paralysis jutsu) | All previous abilities, Earth Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Yin Manipulation, Yang Manipulation, Yin-Yang Manipulation, Enhanced Senses, True Flight, Durability Negation, Creation, Aura, Power Bestowal, Enhanced Senses, Energy Absorption, Reality Manipulation, Healing with the Preta Bowl and Naraka Bowl, Paralysis with the black receivers (Can paralyse and hinder the movements of targets, and also control them), Regeneration (Low-Mid, scaling from Obito and Madara), Immortality (All Types), Extrasensory Perception (His sensory capabilities should be comparable to Naruto’s, who can detect invisible clones that exist in a separate dimension), Acausality (All Types), Levitation, Telekinesis and Gravity Manipulation (Can control attractive and repulsive forces with the Deva Bowl), Body Control and Technology Manipulation (Can generate additional mechanical arms and weaponry such as blades, drills, missiles and cannons with the Asura Bowl), Resurrection (Can revive the dead with the Outer Bowl), Mind Reading and Soul Manipulation (Can read the minds of his targets and extract their souls by making contact with them with the Human Bowl), Matter Manipulation (The Taste Seeking Bowls are superior to Onoki’s Dust Release, which turns targets to dust on a molecular level), Limited Power Nullification (The Taste Seeking Bowls erase and nullify ninjutsu, which includes energy and elemental based attacks, with the exception of those imbued with natural energy), Self-Sustenance (All Types), Invulnerability, Wood Manipulation, Forcefield Creation, Chain Manipulation, Healing, Dimensional Travel and BFR (Teuchi can travel to and from the pure world using the reincarnates of Ashura and Indra and the power of the ten-tails and teleport others from different dimensions as well as bring and send souls from and to the pure restaurant), Cosmic Awareness and Precognition (Teuchi watches the world from the pure restaurant and foresaw all the events of the 4th Ninja War, he could also sense the fight between Team 7 and Kaguya), Life Manipulation (His Creation of all things ability allows him to give creations life)
  • Attack Potency: Human level | At least Island level+ (Effortlessly stomped every Pain, and didn’t even flinch when attacked by Nagato’s Chibaku Tensei) | At least Memetic, likely far higher
  • Speed: Average Human | At least Massively Hypersonic+, likely far higher (Blitzed Nagato easily) | At least Memetic, likely far higher
  • Lifting Strength: Average Human | Unknown | At least Memetic, likely far higher
  • Striking Strength: Human Class | At least Island Class+ | At least Memetic, likely far higher
  • Durability: Human level | At least Island level+ | At least Memetic, likely far higher
  • Stamina: His ramen has infinite calories, preventing him from losing stamina
  • Range: l a r g e
  • Standard Equipment: Ramen | Ramen, standard ninja tools | All previous equipment, Ramen Receivers, and Taste Seeking Bowls
  • Intelligence: Rameniscient
  • Weaknesses: Self-explanatory
  • Notable Attacks/Techniques:
  • Ramengan: Teuchi spins a ball of ramen noodles in his hand and thrusts it towards his opponent.
  • Ramenshuriken: By adding Change in Ramen Flavour to his Ramengan, Teuchi can create the Ramenshuriken, a spinning, shuriken-shaped mass of ramen noodles which destroys anything it touches on a cellular level.
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Key: Suppressed | True Power (Rinnegan) | Sage of Six Bowls
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Is ramen guy stronger than Naruto?

Naruto: Why the Ramen Guy is often dubbed as the strongest character on the show Ramen Ichiraku is an important part of the Naruto series. Fans adore the father-daughter duo that run the store. In a world filled with shinobis where wars and death are constant, it’s nice to see some of the strongest shinobis enjoying a bowl of ramen and the company of their comrades.

  1. Ramen Ichiraku literally translates to ‘Ramen is the best pleasure’, and Teuchi is certainly an accomplished chef that makes some of the most delicious Ramen in the series.
  2. He is extremely passionate about it and he enjoys watching the protagonist visit his store after a long day of hard work and effort.

Those who have been fans of the Naruto series are aware of the fact that, the owner of the Ramen store, is considered to be the strongest character in the series. Let’s take a look at why the fanbase holds this character in such high regard. Disclaimer: All external media in this article are the property of their respective owners, and Sportskeeda claims no ownership of the same.
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Is Teuchi actually strong?

He is actually the strongest shinobi to ever live. He is a god among the Narutoverse. He beats Kaguya, Madara, Naruto and Sasuke together. He is so strong when he activates his Rinnegan the whole Universe falls in Infinite Tsukoyumi.
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Does Teuchi have power?

Abilities Edit – Teuchi possesses both a Rinnegan and an Mangekyo Sharingan and also has the ability to use jutsu. He also possesses a form called “Ramen Sage” which allows him to use Ramen as a weapon to his advantage unless it has already been eaten.
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Who can defeat Teuchi?

That’s not possible. Teuchi is absolutely broken – nobody can even be close to base Teuchi’s powers. We’ve seen many prodigies who hinted to have the ability to surpass Teuchi, like SpongeBob, Shaggy, farmer with shotgun, Scooby, etc.
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Can ramen guy use rinnegan?

He is actually the strongest shinobi to ever live. He is a god among the Narutoverse. He beats Kaguya, Madara, Naruto and Sasuke together. He is so strong when he activates his Rinnegan the whole Universe falls in Infinite Tsukoyumi.
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Who was the hardest person to fight Naruto?

2/10 Kaguya Otsutsuki – Is Ramen Guy Actually Strong Kaguya Otsutsuki is easily the most powerful opponent that anyone in Naruto has had to face, and she is the final boss of the series, so to speak. Naruto has absolutely no chance of beating her on his own. But he doesn’t have to. Thanks to the teamwork he has worked so hard to build with Team 7, even with Sasuke’s betrayal in the mix, the three can work together to achieve the impossible, and they dispatch her all at once.
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How old is ramen guy?


Birthdate August 10
Sex Male
Age Part I: 43 Part II: 47

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Who is Teuchi Uchiha?

“> Teuchi is a citizen of Konohagakure and he is the sole owner of the famous Ichiraku Ramen Bar. He along with his daughter Ayame runs the Ichiraku Ramen Bar and is among one of the individuals who always treated Naruto with kindness, often treating him with free ramen.
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Why does Teuchi always have his eyes closed?

Appearance – In his childhood, he possessed long, curly, white hair and a light brown complexion. He constantly closed his eyes to conceal his Tenseigan. In addition, Teuchi donned the typical clan attire. He lacks the distinctive Ōtsutsuki horns and other features, much like his great nephew, Toneri Ōtsutsuki ; this allows him to easily pass as a human.
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Can ramen guy do Amaterasu?

Ramen guy uses Amaterasu on itachi : r/Naruto.
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Who is the lazy guy in Naruto?

Shikamaru Nara
Naruto character
Shikamaru Nara in Part I. Art by Masashi Kishimoto
First appearance
  • Naruto chapter 34: Intruders? (manga)
  • Enter: Naruto Uzumaki! (anime) (cameo)
Created by Masashi Kishimoto
Voiced by Japanese Showtaro Morikubo Nobutoshi Canna ( Naruto episode 141) English Tom Gibis
Notable relatives
  • Shikaku Nara (father, deceased)
  • Temari (wife)
  • Shikadai Nara (son)
  • Gaara (brother-in-law)
  • Kankuro (brother-in-law)
  • Rasa (father-in-law, deceased)
  • Karura (mother-in-law, deceased)
  • Shinki (adoptive nephew-in-law)
  • Yoshino Nara (mother)
  • Yashamaru (uncle-in-law, deceased)
Ninja rank
  • Genin in first half of Part I
  • Chunin in second half of Part I and all of Part II
  • Jonin in Epilogue
Ninja team Team 10

Shikamaru Nara ( 奈良 シカマル, Nara Shikamaru ) is a fictional character in the manga and anime franchise, Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto, In the anime and manga, Shikamaru is a ninja affiliated with the village Hidden in the Leaves. He is a member of Team 10, a group of ninja consisting of himself, Choji Akimichi, Ino Yamanaka, and team leader Asuma Sarutobi,

  1. Shikamaru is portrayed as a lazy character, unwilling to apply his prodigious intelligence; Kishimoto has noted that he likes Shikamaru due to his easygoing nature.
  2. Outside the Naruto anime and manga, Shikamaru has appeared in several other media in the franchise, including video games, original video animations, and six feature films,

Numerous anime and manga publications have commented on Shikamaru’s character. Many reviewers commented on his laziness and intelligence, and noted his transformation into a leader; Anime News Network celebrated Shikamaru’s emergence in the Naruto storyline.
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Is there a God in the Narutoverse?

Considered –

Shiro Uchiha is considered to be a God of Shinobi due to his superior prowess shown in the Tenma War that rivaled Madara Uchiha,

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Is Teuchi stronger than Isshiki?

Isshiki stomps. teuchi is just a ramen seller hes not even a ninja. but if its lord teuchi my god isshiki gets holystomped.
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How strong is the Narutoverse?

Power – Naruto as a verse is not extremely powerful, but packs quite a punch in it’s own right. The verse is littered with lightning timers, and even the low tiers can boast City Block+ to Town level attack potency. It’s God Tiers sit at Small Planet+ level, with the verse’s absolute God Tier Kaguya, possessing an attack that is at the very least Planet+ (likely far higher though as it was capable of erasing a dimension large enough to contain a planet and it’s orbiting satellite).

The top tiers of the verse range from Country+ to Continent level, while it’s high tiers sit at around Island+ level. Mid Tiers are Mountain level with various feats to back them up. The universe is no slouch when it comes to speed either. Natural lightning in the verse can traverse cloud to ground distance in a Millisecond.

Even the low tiers in the verse range from Supersonic to Hypersonic, while most everyone from the Mid to the Top tiers ranges from Massively Hypersonic to Massively Hypersonic+. The God Tiers are comfortably Relativistic, with Kaguya being even faster than that after becoming exponentially faster.

The verse also possesses a good amount of hax. Techniques such as Illusion Creation are a major part of the universe, with the Illusions of the verse being able to control all 5 senses, and the Infinite Tsukuyomi being able to bypass any physical barrier and put even perfect Jinchuriki in a trance. Several other techniques such as Matter Manipulation, Intangibility, Soul Manipulation, Reincarnation, Reality Warping and Gravity Manipulation and more are also present in the verse.

The God Tiers have large range, with Hagoromo being able to summon souls from the afterlife on a whim, and Toneri being able to sense happenings on Earth from the moon and send meteors crashing to it.
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Who would win Teuchi or Shaggy?

Everyone knows that Teuchi is the strongest character in fiction. He can easily defeat Shaggy with his ramen bowls or over sized miso ramen.
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Who is the strongest Shinobi in Naruto?

1/10 Naruto Uzumaki – Is Ramen Guy Actually Strong Naruto is the strongest shinobi in the entire story and like Sasuke, a user of the Six Paths powers. He has the chakra of all the Tailed Beasts at his disposal along with the ability to use the Six Paths Sage Mode. When push comes to shove, Naruto can get even stronger by using Baryon Mode, which made him powerful enough to overwhelm even Isshiki in battle.
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Who uses the red Rinnegan?

Acquisition – The first person on Earth to wield the Rinnegan was Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, whose mother possessed the Rinne Sharingan, In the anime, he obtained his Rinnegan at the same time as his Mangekyō Sharingan, which awakened as a result of mortally wounding his brother,

  • Using the power of the Rinnegan, Hagoromo saved the world from the Ten-Tails and created ninshū, the precursor to modern ninjutsu,
  • For his contributions to the world, Hagoromo became revered as the Sage of Six Paths, and both he and his eyes rose to mythological status following his death; even when the Rinnegan was later proven to exist, some dismissed it as a random mutation.
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It is possible for a Sharingan wielder to awaken a new Rinnegan by obtaining Hagoromo’s chakra, either by combining the chakra of his sons, Indra and Asura, to recreate his own, or by directly receiving it from Hagoromo himself. Black Zetsu spent centuries attempting to manipulate the reincarnations of Indra and Asura into awakening the Rinnegan, but it was not until the time of Madara Uchiha — Indra’s reincarnate — that this was successful.

Madara implanted the flesh of Hashirama Senju — Asura’s reincarnate — into his own body, causing a part of Asura’s chakra to combine with Indra’s. However, Madara’s eyes did not become Rinnegan until decades later, when his natural lifespan was nearing its end; this also restored his right eye’s vision, which had been lost from his earlier use of Izanagi,

Orochimaru and Kabuto Yakushi later hypothesised that the Sharingan can be evolved into the Rinnegan by combining Uchiha and Senju DNA. To that end, Kabuto successfully recreated the Rinnegan by infusing Hashirama’s cells into Madara’s reincarnated body, though these fake eyes did not have full access to the original’s abilities. Is Ramen Guy Actually Strong Sasuke’s purple Rinnegan. After receiving half of Hagoromo’s chakra from his spirit, Sasuke awakened a Rinnegan in his left eye, which contains three tomoe on its two innermost circles for a total of six. In addition to the Rinnegan’s power, this eye retains the abilities of Sasuke’s left Mangekyō Sharingan, including the ability to cast ocular genjutsu and use Amaterasu,

Is Ramen Guy Actually Strong Momoshiki’s red Rinnegan.

Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki has a pair of Rinnegan embedded in the palms of his hands. They are initially red, but after he consumes his guardian, Kinshiki, they become purple (in Boruto: Naruto the Movie ) or yellow (in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ). This also grants him a third Rinnegan on his forehead, which matches the other two in colour. Is Ramen Guy Actually Strong Urashiki’s blue Rinnegan Urashiki Ōtsutsuki manifests his Rinnegan in the same pair of eyes as his Byakugan, and can switch between the two dōjutsu at will. Urashiki’s Rinnegan are able to take on several forms to access different abilities: at times, they are red and contain six tomoe, while at other times, they are blue with a white ripple pattern while using certain techniques.

After consuming all of the chakra he had stolen from others, Urashiki removed and devoured both of his Rinnegan, causing him to undergo a transformation. In this form, his eyes were restored, an additional Rinnegan appeared on his forehead, and all of his dōjutsu turned yellow, much like Momoshiki before him.

As with any dōjutsu, the Rinnegan can be transplanted into others. Prior to his death, Madara implanted both of his eyes into the young Nagato without the boy’s knowledge, and he was able to make effective use of them throughout his life due to his Senju lineage,

After Nagato’s death, the Rinnegan were taken by Obito Uchiha, who implanted the left eye into himself and hid the other, knowing he could not handle the power of both eyes at once. Madara later reclaimed both of his Rinnegan after he was revived, and they were last seen deactivated upon his death.

He was also able to revert his Rinnegan to his Mangekyō Sharingan.
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Who can possess Rinnegan?

4/9 Madara Uchiha – Is Ramen Guy Actually Strong Madara was the first person since the Sage of Six Paths to awaken the Rinnegan. He achieved this feat by biting off some of Hashirama’s flesh and incorporating its powers into his own body. Towards the end of his life, Madara had awakened the Rinnegan,
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Who have awakened Rinnegan?

6/10 Madara Uchiha – Is Ramen Guy Actually Strong Madara Uchiha was one of the handful of people in Naruto who actually awakened the Rinnegan on their own. By fusing Ashura’s powers with those of Indra, Madara got access to the Rinnegan, which he could use to the best of its abilities. As the perfect jinchuriki of the Ten-Tails, Madara was edging closer to the level of Hagoromo at a drastic rate, indicating how strong he really was.
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What is the true identity of ramen guy in Naruto?

First of all, the ‘ramen guy from Naruto’ has a name. His name is actually Teuchi and he is the founder of Ichiraku Ramen.
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Is Teuchi really an Otsutsuki?

Teuchi is a member of the Ōtsutsuki Clan and a descendant of Hamura Ōtsutsuki as well as the chef of Ichiraku Ramen.
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Who is the master of ramen guy?

Personality – Teuchi is a very kind and jovial man. Often seen smiling, he and Ayame have always treated Naruto Uzumaki well, considering him their best customer, sometimes even giving him free ramen on special occasions. He also cares for Naruto as he often asks Naruto what was going on if he hasn’t seen him in a while.
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Can ramen guy do Amaterasu?

Ramen guy uses Amaterasu on itachi : r/Naruto.
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