Clay Bricks For Pizza Oven?

Clay Bricks For Pizza Oven

What are the best bricks for building an indoor pizza oven?

Storage Heater Bricks – Storage heater bricks are made from a mixture of clay, sand and water. Also known as SLH or special line heater bricks, this type of brick is made for use in storage heater kilns. They are usually red or brown in color. The biggest selling point about these bricks is the fact that they can withstand high temperatures up to 2,000 degrees F.
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Can I make a clay pizza oven over a weekend?

Introduction: Clay Pizza Oven – I’ve been meaning to make a clay oven for probably 10 years – then in 2020 the COVID-19 epidemic hit, which meant I had no excuses and so decided to bite the bullet. Firstly I would say – put plenty of research into it! There are lots of blogs and instructions on the internet, some of them are great and some of them are.

  1. Not so good.
  2. I also found when reading blogs to always question why they did things in certain ways.
  3. You’re building something that contains fire.
  4. And lots of it so I err on the side of caution.
  5. Some blogs will instruct you to use wooden structures, there maybe nothing wrong with this if it’s safe but in my mind making something out of wood with an unknown high heat is not the right thing to do, so always be safe.
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Secondly I would say you need to invest time. Some blogs talk about making a clay oven over a weekend. I would suggest if you’re laying concrete, bricks and clay then this takes time. Just the chemical process for setting concrete takes longer than a weekend so don’t rush it – your pizza oven will look better for it.

Lastly; although you can do these things on the cheap, most blogs I’ve read have gone on to talk about replacing bits over a couple of years, so although I did quite a bit of scavenging I didn’t skimp on some of the materials as I really wanted a pizza oven that wouldn’t need replacing or fixing every other year.

To me it makes sense to make something that will last longer.
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Should I use clay bricks for my oven?

Can They Stand The Heat? – Yes. These solid bricks with low porosity can withstand temperatures of up to 980°C. This means the surface and integrity of the brick won’t be affected by a high amount of heat from burning fuel. Not only this but they also have lower thermal conductivity.
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What kind of brick is used to insulate an oven?

Important note: We know ceramics, not clay pizza oven building: it is important that you do your research on what you want to build. We know what oven builders tell us works for them and we can share that info with you, but it is not what our products are intended for so we can make no guess if they will work for you.

  1. So TEST, TEST, TEST ! Here is a great article by Isabella Caprario at with a lot on info on building your oven! People use many different types of clay and materials for building a clay pizza oven.
  2. Probably any fire clay would be fine.
  3. We recommend Hawthorn Fire Clay because of it’s workability and affordability.
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This dry clay is much less expensive than a “potter’s clay” which is usually a moist clay with fluxes and glass formers which are not needed for a clay oven. Order this clay below with easy delivered pricing ! Tandoori ovens are a bit different. We have heard of people using either raku clay or castable mortar for those. Clay adobe ovens do not get hot enough to actually turn the clay to hardened ceramic like it would in a kiln firing. The clay will be quite hard to the touch but will turn soft again in rain so backyard ovens should have a shed roof or some other way to protect it from the elements.

Some folks add some Portland cement, especially in a finish coat to help give a bit more water resistance. We offer these materials use in pottery making. Since oven building is beyond the scope of the manufacturers’ recommendations to use this for oven building projects, we cannot guarantee it’s performance.

All we can say is that, people have told us these materials work well for building a clay pizza oven. So TEST TEST TEST !!! It is up to you to make sure it is going to work with your methods. Other items people order from us for their oven building projects are fire brick and kiln shelves,

Our high temperature hard bricks are used as the floor and or walls of the oven. Soft brick /Insulating Fire Brick (IFB) or High Temp Insulating blanket can be employed to insulate an oven, Derby Mortar is sometimes used to mortar bricks together; other times bricks are dry-stacked without mortar. Kiln shelves are commonly used as a nice smooth floor or like a pizza stone.

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Again, these applications are beyond the normal usage for these materials. Kiln shelves are not FDA rated for food. We make no claim as to their suitability, all we know is that pizza and bread makers order these things all the time ! Clay SHIPPING: These bags are 50 pounds: they ship UPS ground. Approximate shipping : (NOTE: Select “call and hold” at checkout to be quoted exact shipping before charging your card.) Zone 2 $20/bag Zone 3 $30 Zone 4 $40 Zone 5 $50 Zone 6 $60 Alaska / Hawaii CALL for Rate IN STORE PICKUP You must call 24 hours in advance of your visit to pickup clay, shelves, bricks and other raw materials Quantity discounts and Bulk available.
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