Best Pizza Restaurant In Rome?

Best Pizza Restaurant In Rome
Bonci’s Pizzarium, for me the best pizzeria in Rome (Trionfale/Vatican) – Best Pizza Restaurant In Rome I’m not alone in the club of Pizzarium fans. Founded and managed by pizzaiolo Gabriele Bonci, Pizzarium is the temple of the best pizza al taglio in Rome. For his pizza by the slice, he’s been considered the king of the pizza and dough-rising methods. Located in the Prati area, Pizzarium is the perfect stop after you visit the Vatican Museums, from which is about 10 minutes walk.

It’s a small place and the queue is always there. While you are likely to find often classics like Margherita, Pizza Rossa and potatoes, the toppings change constantly, even several times every hour as it’s always crowded and trays keep coming out of the oven continuously. Pizzarium is not cheap. We bought pizza for lunch for two (quite a few slices but still enough for two only) plus a couple of supplì and potato croquettes and we spent around 40 euro.

But if you are looking for the best pizza in Rome and you are in for lunch or dinner on the go, this is your place. Address: Via della Meloria 43. Website,
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What is best pizza in Rome? Best Pizza in Rome – 10 Pizzerias Not to Miss (2022 Edition)

  • Sbanco.
  • Antico Forno Roscioli.
  • Pizzarium Bonci.
  • Emma Pizzeria.
  • La Gatta Magniona.
  • Forno Campo de’ Fiori.
  • Panella.
  • Pizzeria Otiense.

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Where to find the best pizza in Rome?

‘The best pizza joint in Rome!’ 4. Pizza della Madonna dei Monti ‘Nice place with perfect pizza. We had’ 5. Pizza Florida ‘Back in Rome after ages, in love with’ 6. Pizzeria Italia dal 1987 ‘One of the Best Pizzeria a Taglio in Rome’
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Which city in Italy has the best pizza?

  • Naples,Italy. The ten best pizzas in the world are all in Naples. But if we must continue
  • Rome,Italy
  • Venice,Italy
  • Bologna,Italy
  • Florence,Italy

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What is the most popular pizza in Italy?

The Best Pizza in Rome | THE PIZZA SHOW

  • Margherita. There’s not much more to say – she is quite simply the queen of the table.
  • Marinara. The secret lies in its simplicity.
  • Prosciutto e funghi.
  • Quattro Stagioni.
  • Capricciosa.
  • Quattro Formaggi.
  • Ortolana/Vegetariana.
  • Diavola.
  • Boscaiola.
  • Frutti di Mare.

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What is the most popular food in Rome Italy?

  • Famous Roman Dishes: Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe. As far as Roman food goes,I’ve always know that authentic Roman dishes are very much about pasta,carbs,and cream.
  • Roman Food: Carbonara. Another one of the very authentic Roman dishes is pasta alla carbonara.
  • Carciofi Alla Romana.
  • Famous Roman Dishes: Amatriciana.
  • Trapizzino.

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