Best Free Rar File Opener?

Best Free Rar File Opener
3. PeaZip – Best Free Rar File Opener PeaZip is a free tool that supports major archive formats, including 7Z, CAB, and XAR. The PeaZip interface is also easy to use. Just open the application, browse for your RAR file, and either double-click to open it or click the Extract button to extract the files to a different location.
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Is there a free alternative to WinZip?

#3) 7-zip – 7-zip is a popular open-source file compression tool. This software uses strong AES-256 encryption technique for security. It is one of the best free WinZip alternatives that has a self-extracting facility for 7z file format. The app can be used for business and commercial sectors. Supported formats by 7-zip are 7z, GZIP, XZ, and BZIP2. Feature:

Integration with Windows shell. It has a file manager to effectively manage your files. This tool can be used from the command line. Offers plugin for a FAR manager (A software that manages archive and files) It can be Localize for more than 87 languages.7-zip uses LZMA (Lempel Ziv Markov Chain Algorithm) and LZMA2 for the compression.

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How do I unzip a RAR file?

How to Open ZIP Files – 1. If you have a ZIP file to open, make sure that the ZIP file extension is ticked in the WinRAR integration panel: WinRAR can open ZIP extension by default 2. Double-click on the file and it will be displayed in WinRAR. Select the files that you want to open/extract and click on the “Extract To” icon at the top of the WinRAR window. Click “OK” and your ZIP file will be saved in your destination folder! WinRAR can extract ZIP files Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
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Is 7-Zip free?

License – 7-Zip is free software with open source, The most of the code is under the GNU LGPL license. Some parts of the code are under the BSD 3-clause License. Also there is unRAR license restriction for some parts of the code. Read information. You can use 7-Zip on any computer, including a computer in a commercial organization. You don’t need to register or pay for 7-Zip.
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Is 7-Zip better than WinZip?

A lot of people end up here because they Googled “7-Zip alternative.” It makes you wonder: Why are so many people looking for something better? The answer is simple: it’s because you can do so much more with WinZip and you can do it faster, better and with ongoing support for even more productivity and convenience features.
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Is WinRAR basically free?

Are WinRAR Licenses Perpetual or is there a Subscription?

WinRAR licenses are perpetual and valid for a lifetime. You cannot register your license without purchasing it first, and WinRAR is not a free product. We offer all users a 40-day free trial, after which time the use of WinRAR without a valid license is in violation of Perpetual licenses mean that you can install and use your license for as long as you wish, but to stay up-to-date you must purchase a Support & Maintenance Package entitling you to all upgrades and updates within the 12-month period.

: Are WinRAR Licenses Perpetual or is there a Subscription?
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Can I open,RAR without WinRAR?

Opening RAR Files With PeaZip – PeaZip is another tool for Windows and Linux machines that you can use to open RAR files without needing WinRAR. However, it’s different in that it also allows you to create archives in custom formats like RAR, but only if you also have WinRAR installed on your system.

When you install PeaZip, it usually sets itself as your operating system’s default unarchiver tool. You can then right-click your file in your computer’s file explorer tool, choose the PeaZip option from the pop-up menu and click Extract Here to create a folder with the RAR’s contents. You can also launch PeaZip and navigate to a RAR file in the browser.

Double-click the file to see the contents without extracting them. To extract the RAR contents to a folder of your choice, click the file and select the Extract button on the PeaZip toolbar. Fill in the destination directory and password options and click OK,
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Is RAR the same as WinRAR?

Difference between ZIP and RAR – GeeksforGeeks

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1. ZIP : It is a file format that supports lossless data compression and archiving. Phil Katz was the developer of this file format in 1989. Today, ZIP is a widely used format and is supported by several software utilities including the built-in ZIP support provided by Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

  1. The best part, ZIP files can be opened with any program that creates ZIP files.
  2. ZIP files are data containers that contain one or more files together in a compressed or zipped format using Zip compression.
  3. Well, ZIP archives are capable of more than just compressing files; they can encrypt files (password protected) and split archives with just a few clicks.

Multiple files can be compressed or zipped using several methods such as LZMA, WavPack, PPMd, BZIP2, DEFLATE, etc.2. RAR : RAR stands for Roshal Archive Compressed file is a proprietary archive file format. It contains one or more files or folders together.

However, unlike a normal folder on your hard drive, RAR files require third-party software to open and extract the contents of the archive. It’s a native file format of WinRAR archiver which stores multiple files in the compressed form – all you need to do is unpack its contents to access the files. RAR is generally better at data compression than the default support for ZIP files.

Difference between ZIP and RAR :

1 ZIP is an archive file format created by Phil Katz as a standard format for lossless data compression. RAR is a proprietary archive file format for lossless data compression developed by Eugene Roshal.
2 It is free and open standard with many implementations and is supported almost everywhere. It is not free and requires a third party tool called WinRAR archiver to compress/decompress files.
3 The rate of compression of ZIP is lower than that of the RAR format. The rate of compression of RAR is better than that of the ZIP format.
4 ZIP offers a password based protection. RAR doesn’t offers a password based protection.
5 ZIP files can be created with several programs such as WinRAR, WinZIP, Freebyte Zip etc. RAR files are limited to only one program that is WinRAR.
6 ZIP uses the ZIP 2.0 encryption algorithm which is relatively weak. RAR uses the much efficient AES-128 encryption.
7 Filename extension are,zip and,zipx. Filename extension are,rar,,rev,,r00,,r01.
8 ZIP uses DEFLATE compression algorithm to compress data which is less efficient than the newer compression method. RAR uses a compression algorithm which is substantially better and efficient than the DEFLATE compression method.

Difference between ZIP and RAR – GeeksforGeeks
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Does 7-Zip open RAR?

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) – Image credit: Giphy- Story Of Our Times Not Reading That GIF As promised, here’s a quick summary of this guide: 7zip is so easy to use that you can use it to extract RAR files without even opening the software. All you have to do is right-click the RAR file you want to open, hover over the 7zip menu, and click one of the “extract” options, depending on where you want to extract the files.
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Is WinZip 26 free?

KB Corel: Are WinZip upgrades free? 4 users found this article helpful No, WinZip upgrades are not free. As with other software companies, WinZip invests a lot in new development to make sure that WinZip continues to perform correctly on new platforms and to address general changes in computer usage, such as larger files and the need for encryption.

  1. In addition, a great deal of new functionality has been included taking WinZip beyond basic zipping and unzipping functions, including cloud services support that makes uploading, storing, and sharing files easier.
  2. Additionally, the latest versions of WinZip support the latest versions of Windows, the appropriate version supports the latest macOS, and many new and/or improved features are present – all thanks to the investment made in research and development.

WinZip for the PC is available in three different feature sets; Standard, Pro, and Enterprise; so that users only pay for the features that might actually be used. Maintenance and upgrade assurance plans are available and we are also offering subscription programs for various Suites of WinZip applications.
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What opens a RAR file?

Having trouble opening that RAR file someone sent you? Here’s how you can open RAR files on your Windows PC using WinRAR. Best Free Rar File Opener At some point, everyone runs into a situation where they receive a file they’re not sure how to open. Windows doesn’t natively support all file formats, so sometimes, you need special software. The RAR format is one of the most common file types to have this problem, but we’re here to help.

We’ll show you how to open RAR files on your Windows PC. First off, let’s explain what RAR is. It’s a type of compressed archive file, similar to the ZIP files you can create with Windows. A RAR file can contain numerous other files, much like a folder, but those files are compressed to take up less space on a disk.

This can make it easier to share folders with other people, since you only have to transfer a single file and it’s smaller in size overall. RAR was developed in 1993 by Eugene Roshal, and it’s a proprietary file format. To open it, you’ll need a program called WinRAR, which was also developed by Roshal.
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Which is best WinRAR or WinZIP?

Feature Differences – You may think the most obvious difference between WinRAR and WinZip is that one supports RAR files and the other supports ZIP files, but that’s not the case—both programs support both file types. In fact, here is a breakdown of all supported file types for each.

7Z 7Z
GZip GZip

Both programs can compress and extract files, although the performance doesn’t differ between the two in any dramatic way. You should note that while WinZip does work on Mac, WinRAR is Windows-only. If you want to work with RAR files on a Mac platform, there are other options to choose from (including WinZip itself.)
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Why can’t I open my RAR file?

Why can’t windows open RAR files? – You may not be able to open RAR files due to the following reasons: 1] The RAR file in question is corrupt or invalid.2] Your PC does not have any software that can open or support RAR files.
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Should I use WinRAR or 7-Zip?

Is 7-Zip better than WinRAR? – Again, this is relative to your needs and budget. Both programs can compress files efficiently.7-Zip is free, while WinRAR costs over $30 for the licensing. However, WinRAR offers a more intuitive interface and better support channels. Have questions? If you can’t find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact our Support Team. Sign up for news and special offers
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Is 7-Zip Russian?

7-Zip is located in Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation. Who are 7-Zip ‘s competitors?
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Why do people still use WinRAR?

WinRAR is a data-compression, encryption, and archiving tool for Windows that opens RAR and ZIP files. Compatible with many other file formats. WinRAR is one of the most iconic pieces of software out there, not because it’s useful or instrumental but because of its famous 40-day trial period that never expires.
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Why is WinRAR free?

Why WinRAR’s 40 Day Trial Actually Lasts Forever Some software costs money, and some software is truly free. But in the middle, there’s a grey are. Perhaps one of the best examples is with its 40-day free trial, which, as anyone who has downloaded it knows, last far longer than said time period.

It’s no accident that WinRAR gives its program away for free even after its 40-day trial. It’s part of the company’s business plan: Give away core features with light pressure to pay, add special features for heavy-use customers like businesses. It’s an older, less transparent version of the freemium model that partially paved the way for much of the internet as we know it today, with Spotify’s success to name one.

investigates WinRAR’s gift: WinRAR, like universal media player VLC, has evidently never felt much pressure or change its business model. It’s simply a program that works, that creates and gives the ability to view archives in RAR or ZIP file formats. David Grossman is a staff writer for He’s previously written for The Verge, Rolling Stone, The New Republic and several other publications. He’s based out of Brooklyn. : Why WinRAR’s 40 Day Trial Actually Lasts Forever
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What is better than WinRAR?

What is the best WinRAR alternative? – WinZip is the best WinRAR alternative because it offers all the same functionality of WinRAR plus much, much more. After all, there’s a reason WinZip is the world’s #1 compression software. As an alternative to WinRAR, WinZip is more powerful, versatile, and convenient. WinZip offers advanced features that WinRAR just doesn’t have, including:

A better user interface Easier file sharing Advanced backup capabilities Image viewing & editing within zip files Superior file management

To better illustrate this, here’s a side-by-side comparison of WinRAR vs WinZip: Features

Detailed Features WinZip Pro WinRAR
Advanced WAV compression (WavPack)
Advanced JPG Image File compression
Advanced MP3 Compression
Automatic selection of Best Compression Method by file type
BZip2, LZMA, PPMd, Enhanced Deflate, XZ, ZSTD
Zip 2.0 (Normal, Maximum Deflated)


Detailed Features WinZip Pro WinRAR POSIX TAR Support Advanced Compression (Jpeg) Method Advanced Compression (WavPack) Method Advanced Compression (MP3) Method Advanced Compression (BZip2, LZMA, PPMd, XZ) Methods Zip 2.0 Methods (Normal, Maximum, Enhanced) Archive Files: 7Z Archive Files: LHA/LZH Archive Files: TAR, Z, BZ, TBZ, GZ, BZ2, TBZ2 Archive Files: RAR Archive Files: CAB, ZIP Archive Files: B64, HQX, TAZ, TXZ, TZ Archive Files: ZIPX Archive Files: XZ Archive Files: ARJ Encoded Files: UUE, MIME, BINHEX Disk Image Support: ISO, IMG


Detailed Features WinZip Pro WinRAR Can split archives into multiple volumes Supports archive formats larger than 4GB


Detailed Features WinZip Pro WinRAR Remove additional EXIF data from files Create policies to enforce password complexity Take advantage of hardware and GPU’s for even faster AES encryption AES Encryption 256-bit AES FIPS-197 Certified Auto-wipes (“shred”) temporarily extracted copies of encrypted files (prior to being deleted) using U.S. Department of Defence standard (DoD 5220.22-M) to prevent files from being recovered Zip 2.0 (Legacy) Encryption


Detailed Features WinZip Pro WinRAR Perform File Conversions before Zipping Set Expiration Dates for Zip files and Log files Specify the Job Name At End of Job Creation Create new jobs from existing jobs Burn Backups to Blue-ray Disc Burn Backups to CD/DVD (automatically split archive over multiple discs if necessary Save Backups to the Cloud (Box, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, CloudMe, SugarSync, MediaFire, ZipShare, SharePoint and Amazon S3) Save Backups to an off-site server using internal FTP client Create custom backups for selected files and folders Backup files from the cloud (Box, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, CloudMe, SugarSync, MediaFire, SharePoint and Amazon S3 Pre-defined data backup for your documents, email, desktop, libraries, etc. Backup photos directly from your digital camera Email backup files automatically from virtually any of your email addresses Email log files upon completion of backups and automated jobs from virtually any of your email addresses Schedule backups and Zipping jobs to run automatically and unattended Create Backup Jobs from Explorer Scan documents and images with a scanner, zip, and save Command Line Support Add-on for scripting


Detailed Features WinZip Pro WinRAR Automate WinZip Express Share using Windows Charms Shorten shared URLs WinZip Express copy to clipboard Supports individuals with multiple accounts for a specific cloud service, up to 16 accounts per service Microsoft Office add-on support zipping and sharing from within Office apps WinZip Express Email add-on supports Microsoft Outlook Post files or Zip files on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) Instant Message files or Zip files (Google Hangout, Jabber, Office 365 Groups) Share an unzipped image directly from the File Viewer to social media sites Place URLs to files stored on Cloud Services on the clipboard for sharing in other apps Scan documents and images with a scanner, zip, and share Advanced Sharing options such as file encryption, image resizing, image watermarking, and conversion of Microsoft Office files to PDF Internal email client supports Yahoo! Mail, Google Gmail, and Microsoft and can be configured for many other email services Internal email client has built in address book that can collect contact information from Google Contacts, Google Hangout, Office 365 Outlook, Outlook, Yahoo! Contacts, Office 365 Groups, Twitter, and Jabber. Address book supports up to 16 accounts per contact service


Detailed Features WinZip Pro WinRAR File Search Expanded Features for Background Tools Set Expiration Dates for Files and Folders View Date taken and Date Modified Rename Multiple files at once Image format conversion Remove personal data from files Move, Copy, Delete, Rename Local and Network Files (Limited Funtionality) Move, Copy, Delete, Rename Cloud Service Based Files Create/Delete/Rename Folders (Limited Funtionality) Display File and Folder Properties Open, Edit, and Print Local Files with the Associated App Open, Edit, and Print Network Files with the Associated App Open, Edit, and Print Cloud Service Based Files with the Associated App Open, Edit, and Print Local Files with Alternate Apps Open, Edit, and Print Network Files with Alternate Apps Open, Edit, and Print Cloud Service Based Files with Alternate Apps Map Folders as Drives Preview Local Files Preview Network Files Preview Cloud Service Based Files Wipe Files Image Resize and save Image Watermark and save Convert to PDF and Save or Share Image Resize and share Image Watermark and share Combine PDF’s into One and Save or Share Replace Individual Local and Network Files with Zipped Files Replace Individual Cloud Service Based Files with Zipped Files Get Links to Cloud Based Files and Folders to Paste and Share Add a Network Location Share Local and Network Files via Email, IM or Social Media Share Cloud Based Files via Email, IM or Social Media More Pinning Choices in Files Pane Shell Extension Support in Files Pane


Detailed Features WinZip Pro WinRAR Option to view password entry Prompt to unzip on open Unzip to file pane folder


Detailed Features WinZip Pro WinRAR Windows Explorer Interface Drag and Drop ‘Add to Zip’ in WinZip’s Files Pane See Zip file content and open files in Explorer’s previewer using Zip file previewer Tool tip summary of Zip file content Use Drag and Drop to add files to an archive file Windows Explorer Context Menu for creating archive files Add to archive file (specify location) Add to archive (current location) Zip and Email Zip and Email with encryption and renaming of Zip file Replace selected files with Zipped files Zip and Share includes renaming Zip file, conversions, encryption, saving to cloud, sharing via email, IM, and social media Windows Explorer Context menu for using archive files Encrypt Zip files Create self-extracting Zip files Unzip to selectable folder location Unzip to current folder location


Detailed Features WinZip Pro WinRAR Create new automated zipping jobs Create new Zip files on CD/DVD Create new Zip files locally or in the cloud Open a Zip file stored locally or in the cloud Open recently used archive files Pin to taskbar and unpin from taskbar


Detailed Features WinZip Pro WinRAR Slide to Hide Files and Action Panes Dynamic access to common features based on current task File/Folder (locally and on the cloud) access for zipping and unzipping within the app Customize the look and feel of the interface; showing/hiding ribbon, showing hiding panes, selecting alternative views of the archive content Windows modern style dialogs Touch support and optimized UI for touch 2 in 1 Support with UI automatically changing to user’s preferences based on screen orientation and lack or presence of mouse/keyboard Optimized use of display area when used on tablets, notebooks, laptops, and desktops Browse local and network files from within the app Move, Copy, Rename, and Delete local and network files from within the app Preview cloud based files from within the app Move, Copy, Rename, and Delete cloud based files from within the app Provide views to maximize information show, simple touch control, or thumbnails Temporarily extract Zip files using the ‘Unzip and Try’ feature to view inter-related components contained in the Zip file (such as an HTML page and associated graphics) Scan and Diagnose your PC’s performance with built in System Scanner tool


Detailed Features WinZip Pro WinRAR Expand the Preview Pane Rotate, resize, save and view full size images directly within a Zip file (internal viewer) Display slide show of all images in an archive file Thumbnail view of images in an archive file Share an image to social media while viewing images Resize shared copies of images while maintaining the original from the archive


Detailed Features WinZip Pro WinRAR Windows


Detailed Features WinZip Pro WinRAR Advanced Direct Access Technology for Faster Display and Unzipping From the Cloud Display Compression and technical details Native 64-bit engine Engine supports multiple processors and GPU Compatible with Windows 10 Anniversary

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Does WinZip still exist?

WinZip: Old But Still Useful – Archiving was first included in one of the first operating systems ever developed in 1969. Thus, file compression has already been around for over 50 years. Even Windows has a built-in archive tool, although it only started supporting the popular Zip format in Windows 98, with the Windows Plus! add-on.
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How can I unzip a file for free?

ZIP Extractor – Google Workspace Marketplace Best Free Rar File Opener ZIP Extractor is a free app for creating and opening ZIP files on your computer and Google Drive. * ZIP Extractor supports opening password-protected files. * You can preview and download individual files inside the ZIP file without having to extract the whole ZIP.

* ZIP extractor can open ZIP, RAR, TAR, 7z (7-Zip), GZIP (GZ), BZIP (BZ2), and TAR.GZ files How to use ZIP Extractor 1. To begin, select a ZIP file to open from Gmail, Google Drive, or your computer.2. Once displayed, click on any individual file inside the ZIP to view or download it.3. Press the “Extract” button to extract the selected files to Google Drive.4.

A new folder will be created in Google Drive for the unzipped files ending with “(Unzipped Files)”.5. After extraction, click “View Files” to go to the unzipped files in Google Drive. How ZIP Extractor Works * ZIP Extractor is a pure JavaScript web app.

All extraction and decompression is done on your computer, directly in your web browser, and not on any server. * ZIP Extractor can open password-protected ZIP files. The password is only used on your computer to open the ZIP file and is never sent over the network. * ZIP Extractor supports the RAR and 7-ZIP (7z) file formats, including password-protected RAR and *.7z files.

* ZIP Extractor also supports TAR, GZIP, and BZIP files (*.tar, *.gz, and *.bz2 files). ZIP Extractor will ask for the permissions shown below. ZIP Extractor will need access to your Google account This will allow ZIP Extractor to : See, edit, create, and delete only the specific Google Drive files you use with this app Connect itself to your Google Drive See your primary Google Account email address See your personal info, including any personal info you’ve made publicly available : ZIP Extractor – Google Workspace Marketplace
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How do I unzip a file on Windows for free?

Products Devices Account & billing More support

To zip files In the search box on the taskbar, type file explorer, and then select it from the list of results. Right-click the file you want to zip, and then select Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder, Best Free Rar File Opener To unzip files

Open File Explorer and find the zipped folder. To unzip the entire folder, right-click to select Extract All, and then follow the instructions. To unzip a single file or folder, double-click the zipped folder to open it. Then, drag or copy the item from the zipped folder to a new location.

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How do I zip a file on Windows for free?

Zip and unzip files Windows 10 Windows 8.1 Zipped (compressed) files take up less storage space and can be transferred to other computers more quickly than uncompressed files. In Windows, you work with zipped files and folders in the same way that you work with uncompressed files and folders. Combine several files into a single zipped folder to more easily share a group of files.

  1. Locate the file or folder that you want to zip.
  2. Press and hold (or right-click) the file or folder, select (or point to) Send to, and then select Compressed (zipped) folder, A new zipped folder with the same name is created in the same location. To rename it, press and hold (or right-click) the folder, select Rename, and then type the new name.
  1. Locate the zipped folder that you want to unzip (extract) files or folders from.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To unzip a single file or folder, open the zipped folder, then drag the file or folder from the zipped folder to a new location.
    • To unzip all the contents of the zipped folder, press and hold (or right-click) the folder, select Extract All, and then follow the instructions.


  • To add files or folders to a zipped folder you created earlier, drag them to the zipped folder.
  • If you add encrypted files to a zipped folder, they’ll be unencrypted when they’re unzipped, which might result in unintentional disclosure of personal or sensitive information. For that reason, we recommend that you avoid zipping encrypted files.
  • Some types of files, like JPEG images, are already highly compressed. If you zip several JPEG pictures into a folder, the total size of the folder will be about the same as the original collection of pictures.

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Does Windows 10 have a free zip program?

Wrapping up – Although there are tons of third-party software options designed to compress files, which can also handle additional compression file formats, you’ll find that Windows 10 includes all the necessary functionalities anyone needs to zip and unzip files. Do you use Windows 10 or another software to handle file compression? Let us know your preferences in the comments.
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