Samurai Pizza Cats Bad Bird?

Samurai Pizza Cats Bad Bird

Who is bad bird in Samurai Pizza Cats?

Trivia –

He’s one of the few villains that has never cross-dress in the entire series. He, Carla, and Big Cheese were the only characters to be seen as children. Bad Bird was originally going to wear black armor rather than green in the final product as shown in the Kyatto Ninden Teyandee Manga by Yoshimi Hamada. Interestly, he wears black armor in the Saban Powerhouse comics. One of Bad Bird’s pupils in the Japanese version of The Nuclear Potato was changed to being a younger version of Bad Bird.

This would eventually result in a continuity error when the actual child version of Bad Bird first appears in All You Need is Love,

Bad Bird is the final boss in the Famicom game. In Samurai Pizza Cats, it is mentioned a few times that Bad Bird sees a therapist. In the English version, it is not specified if Bad Bird’s pizza restaurant is a different restaurant chain from the Pizza Cats or not. Speedy does say “I got you this job crowboy”, but he may have meant he helped put in a good word for Bad Bird in Little Tokyo or similar.

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Can Bad Bird defeat the Pizza Cats?

Birdy Bad Bird
KNT Character Karamaru
Japanese カラ丸
Demonym(s) Good Bird Birdy
Gender Male
Species Crow Ninja Animaloid
Voice actor (SPC) Michael O’Reilly and Paul Grove in The Big Comet Caper only
Seiyuu (KNT) Koichi Yamadera

Bad Bird, a.k.a. Good Bird ( カラ丸, Karamaru ), is the former third in command of the Ninja Crows, He also is Speedy ‘s main rival. His greatest ambition is to be as evil and powerful as his father (who was the original Bad Bird or Dirty Bird ). He carries out most of the Big Cheese ‘s schemes to become the emperor or defeat the Pizza Cats.
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Who are the Pizza Cats in Samurai Pizza Cats?

Samurai Pizza Cats – Yattarō ( ヤッ太郎 ) / Speedy Cerviche Voiced by: Kappei Yamaguchi (Japanese), Rick Jones (English) Speedy is the leader of the Pizza Cats. As his name implies, he is nimble and fast on his toes, a trait which comes in handy both when delivering pizzas and when fighting crime.

  1. He wields the magical Ginzu sword ( Masamasa ), whose power is unleashed in almost every episode as Speedy’s special attack, the Cat’s Eye Slash.
  2. Speedy is very self-confident and loves to pose for the camera after each victory.
  3. He has a witty and sharp sense of humor but remains very committed to his duties.
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He has green eyes and wears white armor. Speedy has a crush on Lucille and later, Polly, towards the final episodes. There has been controversy over the spelling of his English name. Initially, it was thought that Speedy’s surname was spelled “Service” (“service” pronounced with Italian phonics sounds like “ser-vee-chay,” making the name “Speedy Service” a tidy pun) which came from the Saban Powerhouse stories published by Acclaim Comics,

However, most official packaging (such as the VHS box for the movie) spells his name “Cerviche,” making it the de facto spelling. Ceviche (also spelled as “cebiche” or “seviche”) is actually a seafood dish prepared not by cooking but by using citrus to treat the meat. Pururun ( プルルン ) / Polly Esther Voiced by: Ai Orikasa (Japanese), Sonja Ball (English) Polly is the only female on the team.

Although Speedy is the leader, Polly does her fair share of bossing her teammates around. She has a dynamic, independent personality, but a dangerously short and violent temper. Polly battles evil with the power of love: she plays a flute when going into battle, her projectile weapons are heart-shaped, she has a sword with hearts on the handle ( Kirakira ) with Heart Breaker as the hidden power of it, additionally by raising her forearms and making a beckoning gesture with her hands, she can generate a gravity field that pulls her opponents into the range of her razor-sharp claws.

She has blue eyes and wears red and pink armor. While Guido and Speedy never remove most of their armor even at work, Polly removes her armor on two occasions, during which she is shown with short red hair and a hairband upon which her ears sit. Polly has romantic feelings for Speedy, previously seen as a love/hate relationship earlier in the show, which appeared during the final episodes.

Her English name is a play on the word polyester, Sukashī ( スカシー ) / Guido Anchovy Voiced by: Juurouta Kosugi (Japanese), Terrence Scammell (English) Guido is the resident cool dude and most relaxed member of the group. Tall, dark-furred, and a smooth talker, he is often seen chasing after girls, although he has little success in romance.

  1. Guido’s weapon of choice is the Samurai Sunspot Umbrella, which can fire rings, fire a heat beam, be spun to hypnotize enemies, and be used as a club (when closed) or a shield (when open).
  2. Its handle conceals Guido’s sword ( Pikapika ) whose power is Ichimonji´s Fire,
  3. He has red eyes and wears blue armor.
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His English name is a reference to the anchovy fish, and Guido is a common Italian given name, and is also used as a slang term for a young, male Italian-American in New York. Older promotional materials spelled Guido’s last name as Anchovi. However, Anchovy has since become the official spelling such as Madman Entertainment ‘s DVD release.
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Are speedy and the pizza cat friends?

Summary – Bad Bird appears to begin a slow road to reform in the episode ” Pizza Bird Delivers! ” while working at the Pizza Cat restaurant, and sometimes secretly helps them. Francine is the first person to give him a chance. For example, he deflects Jerry Atric’s cheating attempt against Speedy (in the form of a dart) during a Kung Fu tournament because of the lack of honor in cheating.

In some episodes, Speedy tries to be friends with Bad Bird. Occasionally they have called a truce or worked together towards a common goal. At one point, Bad Bird was on good terms with Speedy while working at the parlor during “Pizza Bird Delivers!”, but he thought Speedy was a cat named “Flopsy” (Bootaro) at the time.

He was also cheerful and friendly toward the customers and even stopped to assist people who needed help outside of his work at the parlor. Contradicting these acts of kindness, Bad Bird has been shown to live up to his name as well. In the two-part episode ” Bad Bird Uncaged (Part 1) ” and ” Bad Bird Uncaged (Part 2) “, a magical full suit of armor, called Armor of Worc, gives him extra powers.

With this, he humiliates the Pizza Cats and nearly defeats them. Another time, he tied up Speedy, put him in a sack, and start kicking him around with the Ninja Crows. He also carries out the majority of the missions given to him without hesitation, such as the mission to assassinate Ruby, who the Big Cheese wanted to be silenced after she had mistakenly walked in on him while he was wearing women’s clothing (this happened before the Big Cheese started cross-dressing regularly without caring what anyone else thought).

Bad Bird has a childhood sweetheart named Carla, They two of them have a chance meeting in the episode ” All You Need is Love “. Bad Bird deeply regrets abandoning her and still has feelings for her. He almost reunites with her, and even asks the Pizza Cats for help, and the cats agree to let them live together in peace.

  • But at the end of the episode, Bad Bird decides to avoid further contact with Carla because of his commitment to the Ninja Crows, as he didn’t want her to see the criminal side of what he does, and supposedly love is forbidden in the Ninja Crow clan.
  • In part one of ” The Big Comet Caper “, the series finale, Carla was waiting for him near the river at the palace where she had also waited for him at the end of “All You Need Is Love”.
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Carla suggests to Bad Bird that they could watch the comet together and get married. Bad Bird agrees but tells her he has one last job to complete before he gives up being a Ninja Crow. At the conclusion of ” The Big Comet Caper (part 2) “, they reunite and presumably get married later on.

In the finale of the series, he develops his own Ginzu power (‘Ninpo’ in KNT) to equally match Speedy in battle. The two of them have a showdown and Bad Bird gains the upper hand with his attack, managing to defeat Speedy. However, Speedy convinces him to stop his evil ways. Bad Bird spares Speedy’s life and saves him when the ceiling starts to collapse from the damage caused during their fight.

He then helps Speedy save the world from a comet that Big Cheese altered to crash into the Earth. He can pilot the Supreme Catatonic, He reforms and abandons the Big Cheese and the Ninja Crows, He begins working with the Pizza Cats again, and he and Speedy become partners in crime-fighting and delivering pizzas, though he and Speedy still remain rivals, albeit on friendlier terms.
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