Is It Ok To Eat Pizza Once A Week?

Is It Ok To Eat Pizza Once A Week
You might be surprised to hear this from a dietitian, but if pizza is your absolute favourite meal, I think eating it once a week is perfectly fine, especially if you stick to the above parameters.
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Is it bad to eat pizza everyday?

Experts would argue that pizza as such is not bad for your health – the problem is when and how you eat it. According to the report, 13% of the USA population consume pizza on any given day increasing to 22% when children and teenagers are included. This wouldn’t be of such concern if it was mainly a homemade dish.
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What can happen to your body if you eat pizza?

You’ll be exposing yourself to several problems – Is It Ok To Eat Pizza Once A Week Shutterstock “Weight gain simply happens when we have an imbalance between the kilojoules we’re eating and the kilojoules we’re burning off,” she explained. “It doesn’t occur just from one meal — it’s when this imbalance occurs over a period of time that weight gain can creep up on us.” Including pizza every single day.

Certain ingredients in pizza, such as processed meat like bacon and pepperoni, can expose you to some types of cancer, as explained by The Guardian, Additionally, it’s hard to meet your daily nutritional requirements, especially for fiber, by sticking to a food item like pizza that’s made from refined flour.

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A dietary fiber deficit can lead to temporary and long-term health problems, including a weak digestive system, colon cancer, constipation and more (via Insider ). There is one positive thing worth mentioning here, though. Pizza can provide you with lycopene, a chemical that is usually found in tomatoes and is linked to lowering risks of developing prostate cancer (via Medline Plus ),
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Is eating pizza bad for your diet?

1. Risk of Heart Disease – Pizza satisfies your taste buds and fills up your stomach. But excessive consumption of pizza increases your blood cholesterol levels and risk of heart disease. Including pizza in your daily diet is linked to obesity. Pizza toppings like pepperoni and meat increase saturated fat and cholesterol intake.
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Can you eat pizza when you are in a diet?

– If you’re a pizza lover and have diabetes, you don’t have to give up your favorite cheesy food. Here are a few tips on how to incorporate pizza into an overall healthy diet.

Let go of the guilt. If you love pizza, there’s no reason to completely avoid it. It’s OK to enjoy a slice occasionally. In fact, studies show that in the short term, restricting your favorite foods can cause you to crave them even more ( 12 ). Pair pizza with healthy sides. Enjoying a slice of pizza alongside a large salad with a protein source like grilled chicken or salmon is a smart way to cover all of your nutrient needs and make the meal more filling ( 13 ). Go for nutrient-dense toppings that are high in fiber and protein. When ordering your pizza, choose toppings like mushrooms, spinach, and artichokes for fiber, and add a protein source, such as grilled chicken. Make your own pizza at home. Making your own pizza at home is not only a fun experience but also allows you to control the ingredients. Check out the recipes below for ideas. Be mindful of portion sizes. When ordering pizza, be aware of the slice sizes available. You can also choose thin crust pizzas at certain restaurants, which typically contain fewer calories and carbs.

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If you break pizza down into its simplest ingredients, it’s really just flour, oil, cheese, and marinara sauce. Nothing to fear! If you take a balanced approach to diet and nutrition, you can enjoy your favorite foods, including pizza, from time to time and not think twice about it.
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