Do Not Put Pineapple On Pizza?

Do Not Put Pineapple On Pizza
Why pineapples do not belong on pizza? Pineapples are acidic fruits and don’t mix well with other acidic foods or ingredients, such as a pizza’s tomato base. They also don’t go well with cheese and other dairy products.
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Why pineapple should not be on pizza?

Cons of Having Pineapple as a Pizza Topping –

When you save pizzas with pineapples for the next day and decide to reheat it, the pineapples start to taste weird and not as fresh. One con of pineapples on pizza is that they are soggy, which often results in a soggy pizza. They also do not blend well with tomato sauce. Some pizza purists think that a pizza should only contain cheese, marinara sauce, and other meat. Others just do not appreciate the juicy and watery extract of pineapples. The sweetness of pineapples could very well be its own con as much as it is its own pro. The contradicting flavors of the pizza sauce and its sweetness may taste weird to others and not as delicious!

Whether or not you love pineapple on your pizza, the moral of the story here is this: If you love and enjoy something, there is no need to go beyond insulting words to explain it. People are different!
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Does pineapple on pizza really taste that bad?

Whenever a chef creates something, there is always logic and science behind it. Pineapple just destroys the taste of the pizza. This can’t change a pineapple on a pizza lover’s mind. No matter how many experts disagree, if the customers demand Hawaiian pizza, then they have to respect it and they have to cater to it.
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Do you think pineapple should go on pizza?

Pineapple is sweet and as a pizza topping, it is often paired with something salty such as ham or bacon. Savory and sweet is a long-standing favorite of many cultures. Pineapple is nutritious. Pineapple on pizza can offer a change to the old familiar taste of pizza (not that there’s anything wrong with that delicious taste!).
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Does pineapple really belong on pizza?

Does pineapple really belong on pizza? First of all, it is scientifically proven that pineapple belongs on pizza. Don’t forget, though, pineapple is a fruit, just like tomatoes. Therefore, adding pineapples to tomato sauce is almost like having a little ‘healthy’ fruit snack.
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