Italian Pizza Vs New York?

Italian Pizza Vs New York

What makes a New York pizza different from Italian pizza?

Italian vs. New York Style Pizza Everyone knows that pizza originally comes from Italy, but is our common pizza really Italian? And we hear “New York Style Pizza” being thrown around in the pizza community, but what does that really mean? Is there much of a difference or are they different cultural terms for essentially the same thing? That is the question that will be investigated here.

  1. Now any dummy would tell you that the best pizza must be that found in Italy.
  2. After all, Italy is the father of pizza.
  3. But not many people really know what original Italian pizza is like.
  4. If you were to see an actual Italian pizza, you may not ever recognize it like a pizza.
  5. The round shape and cheese covering may give it away, but not much more than that would be familiar (and it may not even be round).

This may come as a shock to many of my meat-loving pizza carnivores. How can it be pizza without pepperoni? Or at least sausage? But alas, the Italian pizza prizes more its mozzarella cheese and fancy spices, such as oregano and rosemary sprigs. However, you may find anchovies to satisfy your meat cravings.

  • And never forget one of the Italians favorite ingredients for all kinds of dishes, olive oil.
  • Whatever Italian pizza you choose, you can bank on the fact that it will have olive oil on it somewhere.
  • Now we swing over to the other extreme of the pizza world, from the elegant and timeless bakeries of Italy to the New York-style pizza.
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One of the characteristic signs of a New York pizza is the raised crust and thin center. Like the Italians, New Yorkers also love their mozzarella cheese, but they go much thinner on the tomato sauce, sometimes nearly taking it out altogether. Italian Pizza Vs New York The crust is usually so thin that true New Yorkers fold it in half to make it easier to carry and eat. One shocking ingredient in a New York pizza that makes many of us question the sanity of New Yorkers even more (if that is possible) is New York City tap water used to make the dough.

  1. Apparently, it is not the same if they cannot taste the plumbing system of the Big Apple.
  2. Believe it or not, many restaurants around the country actually import NYC tap water to make their dough in the most authentic way possible.
  3. No wonder the rest of the world thinks America is crazy.) So there you have it.

Italian pizza brings a classy and timeless flare, even though you won’t expect to find your classic pepperoni. It retains its uniqueness even as the pizza idea is taken around the world. The New York-style pizza, on the other hand, also retains its uniqueness (though in a not so classy way according to some). Interesting uses for apples. You may have heard before that it’s best to keep apples stored separately from other fruits and vegetables because they give off gases that speed up ripening. Well, those same gases are actually useful for some things. An apple wedge in the bag will soften clumped brown sugar overnight. It will also keep your potatoes from sprouting. : Italian vs. New York Style Pizza
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Is there such a thing as authentic Italian pizza in America?

6. Re: Pizza in NYC vs Italy 10 years ago I can say that the pizza in Italy is hands down better than what you find at most establishments in the United States, New York City certainly has some great places to choose from and you can find good pizza. My comment was about the United States as a whole so let’s not take it out of context.

  1. In your average small town, there isn’t a family run pizza place made by real italians cooking authentic pizza with authentic recipes for the crust.
  2. In your average city in America, there are not the options for Pizza that there are in New York City.
  3. In your average town there is a pizza hut and a papa johns maybe and that I’m afraid is the pizza that most americans are used to.

Just like many americans are used to italian cooking as being spaghetti and meat balls which is far from authentic italian. When you go to Italy, and get the real thing. a pizza you eat with a fork and knife. cooked in a wood stove. a pizza that’s made for you.

Not cut into slices. it’s absolutely amazing. I won’t eat pizza from places like papa johns or pizza hut. I’ll make it myself as close to the italian way as possible (for the dough use a combination of pastry flour, all-purpose flour, and semolina flour) baked on a pizza stone. but to me there is still nothing like the real thing in Italy where it was made of.

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Pizza to me is just not american. Papa Johns and Pizza hut is just not good to me. NYC does have some good pizza places. I’ll eat it. But it’s no where as good as italy where I know the small restaurant picked the tomatoes that morning. purchased the eggplant that went on top from the local market that day.
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What is the difference between Italian salami and New York salami?

Italian salami have a rather larger grain and are aged a bit, to make them sturdier and easier to slice. Do New Yorkers actually like New York style pizza? As someone who lived in New York for 59 years before moving away I will answer with a capital YES. Why would any self respecting New Yorker like an inferior pizza.
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Is pizza American style or Chicago style?

It’s American style, or New York, or Chicago style, but what it isn’t, is Pizza. It’s like saying that Ferrari and Ford are identical because they both have four wheels, windows, and brakes. Anyone who has seen or driven both knows that it’s straight up not true.
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