How To Send 30Gb File Free?

How To Send 30Gb File Free
SendBig is the easiest way to send your files around the globe. Share large files, photos and videos up to 30GB for free. File sharing made easy!
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How can I send large files for free?

The easiest way to send large files for free. Upload large file, transfer and share your big files of up to 20 GB to one or more contacts. TransferNow is a simple and free service allowing you to send and share large files.
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Is it possible to send a 30 GB file for free?

Differences Between Account Types – The free account is not actually an account at all, as no registration is required. All you have to do is visit Filemail and attach the file(s) you wish to send. Even without registration, Filemail will allow you to send files up to 30 gigabytes, which will available from their servers for seven days. How To Send 30Gb File Free Speaking of which, files don’t actually have to be sent through email using Filemail. You can choose to upload the files without entering any email addresses and just share the link to the large files as you see fit. This applies to all account levels, from free to business.

Moving to the $9 per month Pro account, users can send files of unlimited size, and they will be made available from Filemail’s server for 30 days. You may choose to force the download link to expire earlier if necessary – it’s a good option to have, especially if you’re sharing sensitive material. Besides the longer file retention period, Pro users also get delivery and download confirmation, password protection, an address book, access to the desktop apps, and their Outlook addin.

The Business account adds a lot more features and only costs $15 a month. Like the Pro account, it allows for unlimited file sizes, but retains files for 90 days. The benefits of signing up for a Business accounts include access to the desktop application which automatically receives any files shared with you, corporate branding, the ability to integrate an uploader on a website, HTTPS secure transfer, and premium support.
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How much data can I transfer with sendbig?

SendBig, the simplest way to send & share big files around the world – Review us on SendBig allows you to transfer large files for free without registration. Send big files to one or more contacts, or generate a link so you can easily share it on website or blog and on social media. Reclamation You can email us at We will come back to you in 24 hours Contact us & Stay connected 2019 – 2022 © SendBig – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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How do I send files online?

SendBig the easiest way to Send files online. Transfer large files up to 30GB Free via email, shareable link, blog or social media. Upload and share videos en English French Snap New Max New Help Blog Login Sign Up Choose a file or drop it here Your email
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